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With Furniture Ferret you can search hundreds of websites for 180cm wide bookshelves (1.8m) to make the most of your Home. Please find the results below. On Furniture Ferret you can also search for many different types of furniture, bathroom fixtures and white goods by size, price, colour and style.

Angus door open bookcase

Width: 172 cm
Height: 188 cm
Depth: 27 cm

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Recommended if you are searching for 180cm wide bookshelves. Buy Angus 1 Door Open Bookcase Online ✓ Free 2 Man Home delivery ✓ Pay 50% Deposit ✓ Price Beat Promise ✓ 50000+ Happy Customers. Shop now at Choice Furniture Superstore.

Home furniture ideas vegas display bookcase with door

Width: 171.2 cm
Height: 38 cm
Depth: 72.3 cm

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Great if you are looking for 180cm wide bookshelves. Made in a bleached Oak effect with contrasting matt grey finish with black pull handles and hairpin shape legs. This display bookcase comes with and abundance of shelving space plus a handy included storage area behind a drop down door. Buy at ManoMano UK.

Bromley large bookcase grey

Width: 180 cm
Height: 30 cm
Depth: 75 cm

Suits a space 180 cm (1.8m) wide. This large Bromley Bookcase is designed to work hard and fit in elegantly in your room of your home and comes with a timeless painted finish and oak top. Display your favourite books, journals, or textbooks in this classically designed large bookcase. Marked items only from our Lucy Grey, Bromley Grey, and Oswald furniture collections. 20th September inclusive**Buy any 2, save 10%**. [Terms & Conditions]( apply. Offer running from 23rd August... From Dunelm.

La reine tall wooden open bookcase in distressed light brown

Width: 180 cm
Height: 92 cm
Depth: 34 cm

The width and depth of all shelves is: W74 x D26cm. Height : 92cm. Width : 180cm. Depth : 34cm. The height of the shelves (from top to bottom) are: H38, H24, H24, H24 and H39 cm. Fitted with nylon feet to protect carpets and floor-coverings. This bookcase includes five (not four as picture) removable / adjustable shelves making it perfect for use in a home office or living room. Coordinating home office furniture is also available in the La Reine range to compliment this piece. Buy from Elegant Furniture.

How can I search for bookshelves using their width, height and length?

Furniture Ferret: Finding bookshelves in search engines on the web by measurements is not easy as search engines are best at finding text only. Also, when searching for bookshelves to fit a given space, somewhat shallower items would also suit. Even if some webshops allow searching for bookshelves by size, checking many websites at the same time needs a different solution. Furniture Ferret scour many outlets on the Internet and list thousands of items so you are able to get the one that fits perfectly.
Corona white tall narrow bookcase

Width: 176 cm
Height: 20 cm
Depth: 46 cm

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Short of space, this tall narrow bookcase is an perfect choice with adjustable shelves, finished in white wax with a antique effect wax top. Buy from ManoMano UK.

Stone international elba marble and metal bookcase

Width: 180 cm
Height: 53 cm
Depth: 40 cm

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As in all stones, the color is determined by the mineral content present in the earth during its formation, and in this stone can vary from beige to dark brown and from light gray to black. Because of the vast variations in color present in this particular stone, we use a clear resin to fill the natural pores. Second and fourth shelves available in wood. This notable transition is unavoidable when it occurs and does not sacrifice the stability of your table in any way. Buy from Choice Furniture Superstore.

Camel torriani day walnut italian door bookcase

Width: 170 cm
Height: 208 cm
Depth: 47 cm

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Panels are in walnut or linden wood veneers. WALNUT is the preeminently used wood which has made the Italia Furniture famous in the world. The finish, soft and warm in its chiaroscuri (dark and light shades) creates a waxed effect on the surfaces thus evoking the best tradition of the Italian cabinet-makers. Door frames are in solid wood with decorative carvings. Buy at Choice Furniture Superstore.

 tier grey solid pine bookcase tall narrow display shelving storage furniture

Width: 176 cm
Height: 20 cm
Depth: 46 cm

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Finished in grey with a complimenting antique wax top. This tall narrow bookcase is perfect for a multitude of uses and used the minimal amount of space as well. Purchase from ManoMano UK.

Country style solid lime wood walnut finish cm sized bookcase made in italy noce

Width: 172 cm
Height: 226 cm
Depth: 50 cm

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The care of the smallest details, solidity, durability over time, are the result of precise Made in Italy craftsmanship .Exceptionally large, it offers three large upper windows, three large central open compartments, two doors and three functional drawers made of dovetail joints and wooden knobs in the lower one With its imposing design it is perfect for organizing, containing and exhibiting all your objects. W170XDP50X226 cm sized solid wood richly carved bookcase. Purchase from ManoMano UK.

Bleached pine effect tier ladder bookcase shelving unit living room storage brown

Width: 178.6 cm
Height: 39 cm
Depth: 56 cm

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Size = (W) 56cm (D) 39cm (H) 178cm. Finished in a luxurious hard-wearing melamine with a bleached pine effect finish, contrasted with stone effect doors and drawer fronts and profiled handles. The graduated shelves are a really practical and interesting way to display books or decor as being different depths it gives you so many options. There is even a contrast finished drawer at the bottom for those items you want to tuck away out of sight. From ManoMano UK.

Temahome delta triple geometric bookshelf

Width: 170 cm
Height: 195 cm
Depth: 30 cm

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With its sleek design and dimensions of W 170cm x D 30cm x H 195cm, it comes with generous storage space for all your books and decorative items. Introducing the Temahome Delta Triple Bookcase, a stunning piece of bedroom furniture that is proudly made in the UK. Available in three elegant finishes. Crafted from high-quality recycled wood, this bookcase is not only fashionable but also environmentally friendly. At Choice Furniture Superstore.

Chiltern Oak Furniture

Questions and answers

How to use colour theory when choosing bookshelves?

The colour scheme in your space can be a result of necessity, but it has a great effect on how you feel in your home. The two things to consider for everything colour is balance and associations. Balance simply means that the colours should ideally be coordinated in some way, so that the room looks like a unit, and not just a random collection of elements. Usual techniques to achieve this are considering a colour wheel, and going for colours that are either quite close to each other, or relatively far, like on opposite sides of the wheel (giving you complementary colours like red and green). Other colour combinations are likely be somewhat jarring because of how our eyes and brains understand colour. Associations with and emotions connected to colours are equally important, and there is no shortage of lists for these from those by 19th-century Impressionist painters to modern interior design guides. In all likelihood these emotions are cultural and learnt, which means that they can be quite different in different cultures or just for different people. Blue is often associated with productivity, but also calmness, stability and even sadness. Green is undoubtedly the colour of nature, and is said to be associated with safety, luck and envy (though in other cultures this latter is yellow). Pink is thought to bring kindness, romance, nurturing and calmness, while it was the choice for masculine clothing over many decades. Red is considered to be the colour of friendship, energy, leadership, desire and anger, which is a very wide range of emotions. But it is clear that in nature, it means danger or importance, so you probably need to put it next to a neutral colour to allow the eye to rest. These emotions point in so many directions that these guides all seem to boil down to just this: pause and consider what the colour means for you.

How much clearance is needed in front of bookshelves?

In order for bookshelves to be usable, it requires more space than its size. One needs to be able to access it and be in front of it to get to the papers and other items kept on bookshelves, and if it has doors, they need to be able to be opened fully. In general, you should provide at least 40-60 cm in front of bookshelves for access. This means, for example, bookshelves that is 50 cm deep needs at least 90 cm space. The good news is that this extra space does not need to be exclusive: access spaces of two or more pieces of furniture can overlap as long as this does not disrupt the flow and lead to people bumping into each other in, for example, an office setting.

How to measure the space to fit bookshelves in?

Measure the width and the depth of the space where you'd like to put bookshelves. The most accurate way is to use a measuring tape. Hold the start of the tape down at the edge of the area, and let it run to the other edge. If the distance is larger than what you can stretch to, ask someone else to help, or split what you need to measure up into multiple parts. This can be done by either holding the tape down partway through and continuing running it while letting the first end go, or by marking how far you measured on the floor or wall, and start a new measurement. If you want to avoid drawing on the floor, you can position a pointy object like a pencil there. Don't forget to avoid dead places where the piece of furniture won't be able to go like decorative strips. Also it may be necessary to take the height of the space and the item into account wherever the ceiling is uneven like in loft rooms.

From the history of furniture: Cottage ornaments Part 2

In Figure 329 of course the most eagerly sought figure is the Franklin, nine inches high. This is one of the old pieces and allways attractive. Franklin has the credit for being more often produced in porcelain and pottery than any other one person, not even Wash ington excepted. His long residence abroad, his pic turesque personality, particularly the fur cap which he was so fond of wearing, made him a welcome figure to the potters; and there is no drinking vessel too grand or too humble but that you may, perchance, find his face on the inside or out, nor was there any pottery too coarse for a statuette of him. The figures of the cobbler and his wife are well-known and good examples,

"Pasha," " * & but the Omer which also has on it Success to Turkey," and the Uncle Tom and little Eva are too modern to be very valuable.

The next group (330) is from my oaatq collection, and the figures are of varying degrees of merit. All are well coloured and most of them well modelled; but one only is old, and even that is not more than eighty years of age. This is the Cricketer, on the upper row. His head has been broken off and glued on; and when the Owner sent it to me she apologised for this defect, and also for the damaged nose, by saying that for years it had been the chief treasure in a lively family of thir teen. It seems strange that any of it survived such wear and tear. The three figures in the top row are the stars of the collection: the Cricketer on account of his age, the middle figure on account of the tragedy which led to her being perpetuated in pottery, and the seated figure on account of the story connected with my getting it. The middle figure says on its base Emily Sandford, and you might not think to look at her grim expression that she had ever had a lover. She did, however, and his name wasHenry Rush. He was the tenant of a house called Potash Farm, and his landlord was the owner of the Stanfield Estate, and lived in an imposing man sion called Stanfield Hall, which was a regular" grange." moated

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